Auto Maintenance Reviews

Dear Moon,

Thank you very much for providing years of dedication to excellence in customer service for our family through Scottsdale Airport Autocare. In the midst of stress and frustration, SAA has consistently saved the day. Whether it was through giving useful advice, knowledgeable assessments of noises, shimmies and shakes, or just plain reasonable pricing when it comes time to pay the bill, both you and your staff are always coming in above the norm and it is greatly appreciated.

Please, never retire or leave the valley, as we would be devastated. In a world where it is becoming more and more risky to recommend service providers to friends and colleagues thank you again for being a sure bet every time.


The Kittleson Family
Arizona Energy Products

We just want to extend our gratitude for your assistance with our vehicles' needs. We look forward to maintaining our vehicles in the best condition with your help.

Again, thank you.

Rudy & Merian

Attn: Moon

I just want to take a minute to say "Thank you" for the wonderful job you performed on my Nissan. You know I had my SUV in your shop the other day for the 60,000-mile checkup and also the air conditioning wasn't working properly. You and your service staff have always maintained my vehicles with the best of care. I trust your judgment on all parts and defects with my vehicle. After I picked my vehicle up and drove home there was a little problem, I immediately called you and you told me to bring it back the next day. I did and it was fixed and works great now.

In the busy world that we all live in, so many times we do not take the time to say "Thank you." It's not that we don't want to, we just don't have the time. Again let me say "Thank you" to you and your staff for a job well done on my SUV.

Sincerely yours,

Brenda Woodside

Dear Rick and Moon:

I want to thank both of you for the prompt service. We were able to return to Clarkdale on schedule. Your courtesies were greatly appreciated. Hopefully I will not be stranded in Scottsdale in the future but if I am, you will be the first called.

Many thanks,

Lew Casbon

An open letter to Mr. Hong's customers.

You have made a wise choice! When you deal with this man, you are dealing with a man of honor! You can accept his work as his bond. His business ethic is "Provide the best possible service at the least possible cost!" You can rest assured he will not compromise his concern for you satisfaction and safety! I applaud these efforts with an enthusiastic WELL DONE!


Rear Admiral J.R. Rohleder
U.S. Naval Academy,
BGO Officer

Phone: 480-443-0000
7333 E. Butherus, Suite B-100
Scottsdale, Arizona 85260-2412
Hours: 7am - 5pm, Monday - Friday